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This is a VERY early prototype and lacks most of the features of the final game. It only implements movement around a simple map (no level generation), and has various UI quirks. There is no lighting, and all textures are debug textures.

Vel0city is a high-speed platformer with Quake-like movement mechanics- and without enemies. Race through an infinite randomly-generated level, gaining speed by airstrafing and bunnyhopping, but watch out! One wrong move and it's all over. And don't think of trying to take it slow- you'll need a lot of momentum to take difficult jumps.

Features planned:

Replay system

Cheat-resistant online scoreboard, with the ability to watch replays of any play

Ability to export RNG seeds, and play with a given seed; try to beat somebody else's run on the same map as them!

Custom engine, programmed from the bottom up for low latency and responsive player movement


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